Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Found Link: Roger Dean Talks Avatar in South Korea

The Korea Times had a chance to ask Roger Dean what he thought of James Cameron's rip-off job done for the production design of Avatar. I was hardly unique in questioning how Dean received no credit in the look of the high budget film. Anyone who spends as much time as me pathetically dwelling over the man's artwork while listening to Yes over the years will have doubtlessly questioned Avatar's whole design from the trailers alone. Floating islands? I mean....come on James Cameron.

Mr. R. Dean got plenty of feedback from the confused and had this to say:
``The only thing I will say is I am extremely grateful to these millions of people online who have recognized the similarities and talked about my works. It's a great honor that so many people recognized it. I didn't know there were that many people who would remember my work,'
The cagey (and absurdly humble) nature of his words, and the fact that he's holding back on what his own opinions of the matter are, lead me to suspect their might be some legal action in the works. If Mr. Cameron really did use all of Dean's famous images without permission then a lawsuit should be top priority. Shouldn't it? What do you think?

Read about Dean's take on Avatar and the retrospective underway in Seoul's Daelim Contemporary Art Museum here:
Roger Dean Talks 'Avatar' at Retrospective

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