Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Found Link: Trans-Siberian Orchestra on stage in Ohio

They seemed to have garnered quite the strange reputation. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a name that immediately reminds certain folks of the holiday season. They've built a reputation for their over-the-top hard rocking Progressive Christmas music that seems to top the charts almost every December. In addition to their albums, they also consistently sell out huge concerts centered around their Christmas tunes every year. The moral of the story is; regardless of what you think of them (a bit cheesy), they've filled a much needed niche for people who want their carols to rock a little harder.

This week they're putting on a different kind of show. The link below features an interview with band founder Paul O'Neil. Trans-Siberian will be performing one of their few non-Christmas themed albums, Beethoven's Last Night in Ohio on Friday night. It's a fascinating read for anyone looking to attend the show, or simply interested in hearing thoughts from the brain behind the music. - Lights! Action! Trans-Siberian Orchestra on stage: "The current show is based on Beethoven's Last Night and will follow the concept-album's storyline detailing the famed composer's last night alive (which in some kind of cosmic serendipity was March 26, the same day as the Akron show), his struggle with deafness, regrets about his life and a potential bargain with Mephistopheles for his soul and the unfinished 10th Symphony."

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