Saturday, March 27, 2010

Found Link: New Interview with Jon Anderson

While I've been throwing around wild and unjustified speculation as to the inner politics of Yes, the Hamilton Spectator has an interesting interview with Jon Anderson that sets the record straight.

Beyond making fun of his "Mickey Mouse" voice, they ask Anderson on where he stands with his former bandmates. It boils down to two key facts. Firstly, Squire/Howe/White never even called Anderson to see how he was recovering from the asthma attack that nearly ended his life.

"I got very ill and nearly died."

Secondly, Jon doesn't think he's physically capable of going on the extensive touring that the 3/5 Yes are currently engaged with. Basically you can say that Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson will never again be part of a touring Yes lineup. It's pretty sad when you consider that these musical figures are starting to age to that point. I'm sure for many-a-reader of this blog, the feeling of time passing is overwhelming.

Nevertheless, Jon continues to tour as a solo act on small tours in small venues. You can see him in Hamilton on April 3rd. - go_at_home - Jon says Yes to solo tour:
"Anderson says he holds no grudges. He was, however, 'bothered a bit' at first, 'when I got ill and they didn't get in touch about what they were doing.' He pauses and then offers his former bandmates an excuse: 'They were busy. They were just guys who had to make a living.'"

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