Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rumour: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Rabin?

It's the late 80s again in Yes land. I don't subscribe to Classic Rock's Prog magazine (you think I would. I should, but it's a financial question, these ads on this site? worthless!) but they are spreading some pretty wild Yes rumours. As you know, Squire, Howe and White are currently touring with Oliver Wakeman and Canadian Benoit David. Missing from this lineup is a cranky discarded lead singer.

Jon Anderson has been a bitter little man since being kicked out of Yes unceremoniously when he was too sick to tour. Now, and remember this is just a rumour, Anderson is going to gather some old friends to form a new band. How does Anderson Bruford Wakeman Rabin sound? Yup. That's right. The retired Bill Bruford and Rick Wakeman will supposedly reunite with the scarcely seen since the early 90s Trevor Rabin.

Now this is a bit of a strange rumour. I wouldn't normally even consider this sort of thing for the blog usually, but this is Yes. This is old territory for this band. It's a flashback to the late 80s when there were two versions of Yes working at the same time. Maybe this will result in yet another terrible Union album.

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Rabin ? - Yesfans.com: Founded 4/01: "The Mar 2010 edition of Classic Rock Presents... Prog reports the project as involving Wakeman, Rabin, Anderson and Bill Bruford.

The article reads: 'Bruford has recently announced his intention to retire from music, but Prog understands if the project goes ahead he will be involved.' This has not been confirmed by any other source."

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Anonymous said...

I guess I understand why the guys continued on (squire, white and howe) without jon, he being ill for so long and all, but to replace him with some weird canadian howdy doody looking goof just because he had an almost Jon sounding voice without any of the creativity of Jon is sad. Obviously money became the bottom line. I can only pray for a second ABWH album, or maybe more realistically an ABWR album. Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Rabin. Until now I was almost sure the "Gods had lost Their Way". Now, maybe their getting it all back together again. There is no Yes without Jon.