Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rumour: Rush to debut new songs in concert

While there is a decent amount of press coverage here in Toronto surrounding the Canadian trio's induction into the Canadian songwriter hall of fame, a recent interview with the Toronto Sun (or QMI Agency, something like that) has Neil Peart revealing an interesting tidbit of information. Apparently Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are currently hard at work setting his latest lyrics to music and they might be premiering a few of these new songs on their next concert tour. Will they continue down the same path that lead them to Snakes and Arrows, or will Rush take another sharp turn in their ever-changing musical stylings?

It was mentioned in an older interview that Neil Peart was pretty amazed with what Porcupine Tree has been doing by breaking away from the traditional 'song' structure in the era of the digital download. Will the younger band influence the older one to go back to their Progressive roots? Who knows? I doubt it, but the possibilities are interesting to contemplate.

What do you think? Do you think the band, at this stage of its career, can create yet another sprawling/long instrumental masterpiece? I'd say The Main Monkey Business on Snakes and Arrows was a step in that direction.

Rush-ing into Songwriters Hall | Music | Entertainment | Toronto Sun: "“I stopped in Toronto a couple of weeks back and went over to Geddy’s house and listened to what they’ve been working on from my lyrics and it’s very exciting, we’ve got probably five very good songs there,” Peart told QMI Agency. “So we were saying, ‘Well, I kind of just want to keep working on this and finish the record.’ But on the other hand we were thinking, ‘Well, something we haven’t done since the ’80s is write new songs and go out and play them.’ It’s interesting to be so deeply involved in songwriting right now with this honour coming up. It kind of puts a fresh observation on it for me.”"

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