Thursday, March 11, 2010

News: Pink Floyd Wins UK Court Battle with EMI Label

That was fast! Looks like Pink Floyd was right to say that EMI's selling of individual tracks from their concept albums was in breach of contract. Floyd gets a fairly huge cash settlement from EMI (probably money that EMI could use more than the members of the band considering the record label is in financial trouble). All the details are in the CNBC article linked below.

As a huge fan of concept albums, I think this is a victory for the integrity of these works. I'm going to asume that Waters/Gilmour/Mason pushed this law suit for the right reasons. The biggest selling Floyd albums (from Dark Side through The Wall) are all carefully pieced together and were made to be listened to as a whole. Let's face it, the world's second most selling band of all time (The Beatles are obviously first) didn't make music that was designed for the ADD era of hit single downloads (or hit single records for that matter). Sure there are those who will be upset to not be able to just get Money or Another Brick in The Wall on their iPods without having to spend money on the rest of the album, but those people can go listen to something else. Call me a Prog-Snob (cause I probably am) but this is good news.

Music & Media: Pink Floyd Wins UK Court Battle with EMI Label - CNBC: "British rock band Pink Floyd won its court battle with EMI on Thursday with a ruling that prevents the record company from selling single downloads on the Internet from the group's concept albums."

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