Monday, March 15, 2010

News: Steve Hackett to join Renaissance for a summer tour.

I didn't see this one coming. What on the surface seems like an unlikely coming together of diverse entities in the vast universe of Progressive Rock is actually a fairly logical combination. While the little press release on the link I've provided below indicates the combined tour, it doesn't really get into the details of how much of a collaboration this might turn into. ("Joining Forces"?) Are they going to have Steve simply open for Renaissance (or vice versa)?

Since the specifics aren't made entirely clear I'm going to do some healthy speculating here. Could we be in store for an Annie Haslam lead version of Shadow of the Hierophant? How about Steve Hackett adding some tasteful classical guitar to the Ashes are Burning or Mother Russia? See what I'm getting at? This could be a pretty exciting collaboration. If you, kind reader, can shed some more light into true nature of this tour, please share you knowledge in the comments. Many thanks.

Entourage Talent Associates: Steve Hackett:
"Guitar virtuoso, Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis, founding member of 'supergroup' GTR with Steve Howe and 2010 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee) and 70's progressive rock icons Renaissance will join forces to create one of the most musically stimulating packages of the Summer."


Kimberly Zimmer said...

I don't know about any other dates, but as promoter of the Montreal show on July 9th, 2010 I do know that Steve Hackett is the headliner and Renaissance, as very special guest, will open with a 40 minute set.
There are a few tickets left that can be purchased at

miannotta said...
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miannotta said...

I think the bands have a lot in common musically. Renaissance and Hackett are lovers of European classical and folk music. Would love to see Annie Haslam perform a cut with Hackett's band and vice-versa. She's a wise choice for Hackett's Shadow of the Hierophant. On the flip side, I'd love to hear Hackett playing in on Ashes are Burning or Secret Mission.......