Tuesday, March 02, 2010

News: New Porcupine Tree DVD/Blu-Ray coming this May

The long awaited DVD/Blu-Ray of Porcupine Tree's Fear of a Blank Planet Tour is in the final stages of production. The official PTree website offers some pretty tasty morcels of information including the announcement of a special edition that will come out a month before the official release. The fancier (and probably more expensive) edition will contain both the DVD and Blu-Ray plus two audio CDs including a bonus track that won't be available on the proper release in May.

The Blu-Ray should be good news to both folks with fancy TVs, but also to those keen on high quality audio. The Blu-Ray format contains specifications that allow for uncompressed 5.1 surround sound that should be significantly better than the usual DTS mix on the regular DVD.

Porcupine Tree - Official Website:
"Porcupine Tree's new live film is approaching completion and a special edition will be available in April, with a regular version to follow in May. Anesthetize was filmed live over 2 nights in Tilburg, The Netherlands in October 2008, at the end of the Fear of a Blank Planet tour. The 130 minute live film includes a complete performance of the Blank Planet album and 11 other tracks, and was directed and edited by Lasse Hoile on high definition cameras, with the soundtrack mixed into stereo and 5.1 sound.

The special edition will take the form of a cloth bound hard back 120 page book (as per The Incident and Insurgentes deluxe versions) featuring live photography of the band taken over the last 5 years. The book will house both a DVD and a much higher quality Blu-Ray disc version of the film, as well as 2 audio CDs of the soundtrack including one bonus track not featured in the film. The book and audio CDs will not be included with the standard retail versions of the Blu-Ray/DVD."

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