Monday, March 15, 2010

Tonight's the Night! Genesis bring some Prog to the Hall of Fame

Well, I usually avoid these sort of events like I avoid the rabid-infested squirrels that tend to dominate the neighbourhood these days. Nothing makes my eyes roll, my eyebrows twitch and my brain hurt than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The annual induction ceremony has become a bit of a running joke. The joke goes as follows:

Man One:
So guess who's getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

Man Two:
Yes? King Crimson? Genesis?

Man One:
Nah, some random crappy bands you've probably never heard of. And if you do hear them you'll probably hate them.

Hit The Red Button

Well this year, the only one laughing is Peter Gabriel. That's right boys and girls. Genesis is getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. At long last! Finally! What took them so long? Why is Yes still not there? Argg. Well, despite all the hoopla, Peter Gabriel will not be there to accept the induction. He's got more important things to do, like continue to make innovative music. Who knew? Anyway. The rest of the band should be there and you should be able to see some of the action by following the link below. I'm not sure if they're streaming it live or not, but I'm sure there will be video available not long after the show starts at 8:30pm EST.

Fuse Presents the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony March 15, 2010

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