Monday, March 08, 2010

Found Link: We're Sorry! Frank Zappa’s original band members denied entry into Canada

Wow. I'm not sure how this happened exactly. There must be some sort of mistake. On behalf of the population of Canada (all 10 of us) I would like to apologize to both Napoleon Murphy Brock and Roy Estrada for their treatment by Canadian Customs last week. I mean, surely this has to be a some kind of computer error or something. Why else would we refuse two former members of the Mothers of Invention into the frozen north?

I'll talk to the other nine Canadians and see if we can send some maple syrup or maybe some Tim Hortons to Mr. Brock and Mr. Estrada to make up for this strange mistake. I mean, sure they aren't hockey players or even great curling champions or something like that, but still. This is just wrong.

Again, we're sorry.

Frank Zappa’s original band members denied entry into Canada, sent back to L.A. - News - Canada - World - Truro Daily News: "When Napoleon Brock and Roy Estrada, both members of Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, were sent packing by Canadian customs officials, the rest of the band decided they couldn’t go on without them."

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Aki said...

Man, this is so unfortunate! I'd like to know the details.