Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video: Steven Wilson vs. Reality TV. New Clip from his documentary Insurgentes

This is gold. Listen to this man. He knows what he's talking about.

Insurgentes has been playing in film festivals all over the world. It's a strange little documentary/art film by Steven Wilson and his long-time album art designing/music video creating/concert DVD directing friend Lasse Hoile. It party covers the making of Wilson's first proper solo album (also titled Insurgentes), partly covers Wilson's travels around the world working on various projects and party covers the man's thoughts on music as an art form and how the media and technology is affecting his work and the work of musicians all over. This newly surfaced clip shows Steven doing what he does best; explaining how reality TV is distorting the public's perception of music. Watch and learn. For the record, I share his feelings on this subject quite fully. Don't watch American Idol. It's bad for your brain. Tell your friends and family the same. They won't listen to you, but at least you'll know you're morally correct.

Mr. Wilson has expressed his intentions to eventually put this film out on DVD/BluRay. Until then, you can see a full 20 minutes of it on the DVD-Audio disc of the Insurgentes album.

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