Friday, February 05, 2010

News: Steven Wilson tops a poll and contiues work on the King Crimson remixes

This just in from the official Porcupine Tree website: It seems as though the readers of Poland's biggest rock magazine, Teraz Rock, have voted Mr. Steven Wilson "The Best Foreign Instrumentalist/Musician of 2009". He beat out an impressive field of nominees which included The Edge, Jerry Cantrell, Jack White, Kerry King, Kirk Hammett, More Gore, Tom Morello, Mark Knopfler, and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. That is quite an honour. On behalf of the Prog Rock Blog we extend our congratulations to Mr. Wilson. Also congratulations to Polish Rock fans who clearly have an excellent taste.

In other news, Mr. Robert Fripp and Mr. Wilson have been busy remixing King Crimson's back catalogue in stereo and surround sound. They've released three titles thus far, including: In The Court Of The Crimson King, Lizard and Red. Unlike the Genesis remixes of a couple of years ago, I have no complaints about the quality of the Crimson releases thus far. Here's a link to Robert Fripp's diary from last week when he payed a visit to Steve who was in the middle of mixing In The Wake of Poseidon into 5.1 surround. Cheers Mr. Wilson. You are doing excellent work.

Also in Fripp's diary entry, he payed a visit to Jakko Jakszyk's studio. Jakko is doing the latter Crimson albums in 5.1 (from Thrak through Power to Believe). The highlight of the diary entry includes the following quote:

"VROOOM VROOOM, the only metal instrumental I know which features retrograde inversion & contrary motion as major thematic elements."
-Robert Fripp, 2010


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