Monday, February 08, 2010

Found Link: Boston Herald Inteview Alan White, wonder why Hall of Fame hates Prog

What makes your day more than waking up to a rare mainstream-press reference to one of your favourite bands?  How about an interview with a legend like Alan White? What if the article containing said interview was littered with cheap shots against Prog fans? So what? Sure Jed Gottlieb couldn't resist in taking a low blow or two as to the 'dweeb' nature of Prog fans (ha I've been called worse), he actually gets some decent quotes from Mr. White and even questions the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's neglect of the all-too-deserving Yes. The days of complete disrespect towards the great Prog bands are quite over, I think. Read on:

Yes, we get no respect -
“This was a band interested in progressing music, not one just looking for hits,” White said. “We played music that was influenced by jazz and classical as much as rock with very, very picky fans. When I replaced Bill Bruford there were fans who analyzed everything I did.”

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