Thursday, February 11, 2010

News: Anglagard's Epilog to be re-released

German music site JustForKicksMusic has announced that Anglagard's epic intrumental masterpiece Epilog is going to be re-released. I'm not quite sure what the availability is going to be here in North America quite yet. If you haven't picked up this legendary Swedish band's second and final album yet, this looks to be an excellent opportunity. The site also hints at a limited edition with bonus material. Surely I'll take anything I can get from this much too short lived group. I've ran the German blurb through Google translate. The results are quoted just below.

Just For Kicks Music - ANGLAGARD:Epilog
Release Date: 05/03/2010 Revised edition of the grandiose second album by the Swedish ProgLegende Anglagard from the year 1994! [If necessary there is a limited edition with bonus material - we'll keep you up to date] The successor of hubris, "and I really do not know which of the two is the better record." Epilogue "has a similar basic sound, but this time entirely instrumental, more quiet and still a good bit of melancholy, gloomy as "hubris". An incredibly dense atmosphere is created that persists for the entire disk. Moreover, there are few real tunes

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