Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Found Link: The Vine reviews Porcupine Tree's concert in Brisbane

No band has done more to challenge the preconceived notion that many have about Progressive music in the last decade. While the idea of playing a 55-minute song to open up a concert is an unthinkably pretentious notion to many, Steven Wilson and crew have been opening up the notion that longer can indeed be better to many around the world during The Incident tour. This rather thoughtful review touches on this fact and many others aspects of Porcupine Tree's very entertaining show that has been travelling to all parts of the world over the last six months or so. If you've already seen the tour then you'll find the review a nice reminder of many aspects of the tour.

Live Review - Porcupine Tree, Brisbane 2010 - Music | thevine.com.au
Though song lengths can be used as a fair marker of an act's pretension - that is, the longer the song, the larger the sense of self-infatuation - when you're making music this beautiful, one might see little point in conforming to convention. Porcupine Tree hope to create music whose attraction crosses boundaries; the wide array of humanity assembled at The Tivoli tonight reflects this. Emotive, considered and dramatic, this is music that demands your full attention if you're to begin to reciprocate.

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