Monday, February 08, 2010

News: Robert Fripp + Adam Jones = Collaboration in the works?

If nothing else, Robert Fripp's online diary is a treasure trove of witty observations, fascinating photography of all sorts and a glimpse inside one of Progressive Rock's most intelligent minds. In some cases, however, you might just uncover some pretty exciting news. A few weeks back, Robert posted about a meeting he had with Tool guitarist Adam Jones. There is little secret that Tool and King Crimson share a fondness for each other that has lead to them touring together in the past. You may not know that Fripp and Jones have already started working on an album together almost 6 years ago. It would appear that the two are interested in going back to work together.
From Fripp's mind to yours:
"A fabbo lunch with Adam covering a wide range of common interests & experiencing, among which: the possibilities of continuing our album, begun in Los Angeles some 5-6 years ago; and go out speaking together."
It would make sense, considering Tool's last album was in 2006 and Maynard James Keenan is far too busy with his vineyard and other projects to bother with fronting another Tool album at the moment.  I for one think a collaboration between these two guitarists would be a match made in Prog heaven.

Robert Fripp's Diary for Thursday, 21st January 2010

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