Friday, February 19, 2010

Found Link: Interview with Alan White

One great side effect to Yes being on tour is that the press actually get to have fresh interviews with the band as it makes its way from town to town. This interview's a bit of a gem. Alan White muses not only on how he joined the band in the first place, but working with John Lennon and George Harrison. It's great stuff. | Music | Yes keeps progressive rock relevant — Baton Rouge, LA
“So I flew back to London next morning and Jon Anderson and Chris Squire came around to my apartment. ‘We want you to join the band or we’re gonna throw you out this third-floor window.’ ‘OK, Chris you’re a big guy, so let’s see if we can make this work.’ ”

As Anderson and Squire were exiting White’s door, Squire added, ‘Oh, by the way. We have a show in Dallas, Texas, on Monday. Learn this stuff and we’ll be fine.’

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