Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Found Link: Yes review for concert in Northampton USA

Yet another largely positive press review of the 3/5 Yes lineup. If there is one complaint usually had about this tour is that concerts usually take a while to find their footing. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the fact that Yes aren't into soundchecks. This leaves the audio crew to do all the adjustments to the sound of the venue during the first few songs of the actual concert.  So when critics complain of the harmonies being off early on in the show, it probably has to do with the mic levels being out of wack.

Also of note, critics continue to cite Jon's respiratory problems as the cause for his continual absence from the touring lineup. Since we know that Mr. Anderson has been out doing quite a few solo concerts in the last few months,  this isn't the reason any longer. You'd think a paid journalist would be responsible for figuring this out, but why should a mainstream critic care about the nuances of a Progressive Rock band? That, and she refers to Chris as "an ogre-sized man". Ha!

Classic Rock Act Yes Finds Its Way at Calvin in Northampton -
Equally impressive was Squire, an ogre-sized man whose trademark bass lines, such as the ones on the set closer, "Roundabout," are a defining part of the Yes sound.

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