Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interview: Alan White talks about Jon Anderson

From all that I've read about the reasons of Jon's continual absence from the Yes line-up, it would seem that the boys in the band are quite happy to leave him out in the cold henceforth. Basically, my outsider scooping around has lead me to believe that the rest of Yes think Anderson's a bit of a jerk. They've picked up a nice well mannered Canadian dude that most seem completely content with and they're choosing to hang on to him instead of allowing founding member Jon back into the fold. I must point out that this is mostly speculation on my part, but I really can't see any reason for Jon to be touring on his own while the rest of the band he helped start is touring around America without him.

This interview with Alan White doesn't really get into this debate in the way I was hoping, and you wouldn't expect him to say anything bad about Jon since he's a nice guy and all that. What do you think? Are Yes snubbing Jon?

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Question: Let's get some personnel business out of the way. With Benoit David now an official member, where does Jon Anderson stand with the band?

Answer: Jon is doing a one-man show these days. Benoit David is doing an excellent job - he sounds almost like Jon and looks slightly like Jon, as well. Oliver Wakeman, who is Rick Wakeman's son, is the same thing - he looks just like him and plays just like him. If you close your eyes, the band is virtually the same.

Q: Jon made some negative public comments when the band first went out on tour with Benoit. Has there been a need to smooth over any ruffled feathers?

A: I don't know if I'm out of place saying this, but it seems like Jon just likes doing his solo shows. These long arduous tours do take a lot out of you. We just carry on. Who knows about the future? It's hard to say right now.

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