Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roger Waters still looking to record new music - Yahoo! News

Say what you will of Roger Waters. Seriously. Just say it. Go ahead. Here's the last thing I said about him. Not too nice was it? No sir. Not at all. Well, let me try and explain myself for a second, or 20 (seconds), or more...

I have this fear. You know. Fear. I don't want to see myself in forty years as some washed up old geezer who's cashing in on his successful and ambitious youth. You know, like how Mr. Waters has been doing with his recent Dark Side of the Moon tour and the present reworking of The Wall. (See picture to the left) I mean, these are works of art the guy poured his heart into some thirty odd years ago. Now, as he begins his stately climb over the hill, he has to drudge up his most successful work to pay the bills. I mean, I understand the life of a Rock and Roll superstar isn't exactly easy, but wouldn't it be nice to see the old man earning his pay from new and fresh material?

Well, we're in luck. According to this brand new Associated Press interview, Mr. Waters says that he still has plenty of new material building up that he means to release. Not meaning to sound snarky or sarcastic or whatever but...hasn't he been saying this for twenty years now? I guess he did compose an entire opera in that time, which is no small achievement. I'm just such a fan of his most recent "rock" album, Amused to Death, that I'd love to get some more biting and angry social commentary from the guy before he's too old to hold his bass guitar. Well, nevertheless, you can't say he hasn't achieved plenty in his life time. Good on him. I guess. Whatever. Let's just enjoy this interview that I've linked to, shall we?

Roger Waters still looking to record new music - Yahoo! News:
"'Some of them are recorded, and some of them are half-recorded, and I keep promising myself that I'm gonna find a collaborator and work on them and put them together in some kind of coherent form,'"

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