Thursday, April 15, 2010

Found Link: BBC's Storm Thorgerson Cover Art Slideshow

When talking about the cover art for Prog Rock albums we tend to focus mostly on the work of one Roger Dean. However, there is another name that may be just as important historically. Storm Thorgerson, who's work is a stylistically opposite that of Mr. Dean, has probably created more iconic album sleeves than anyone else. Whether it be with the Pink Floyd, Genesis or Led Zeppelin, Storm's art has always garnered eyeball-attention in record shops worldwide.

While many associate his work with the 1970s, he is still quite active, creating unforgettable images for modern proggers Muse and The Mars Volta. The Idea Generation Gallery in London is currently holding an exposition of Mr. Thorgerson's artwork that will last until May 2nd. In honour of this occasion, the BBC has created a charming little slideshow of the man's work accompanied by a voiceover of the artist looking back over his career. It's well worth five minutes of your time. Just click on the link below.

BBC's Storm Thorgerson Slideshow

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