Monday, April 26, 2010

Found Link: Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson on Prog Rock, 'The Album' and iPods

I'm never sure how many of these I should post here. I know that many of the big mainstream news publications don't enjoy this practice. Heck, Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp don't even like Google linking to their articles. I always thought I was doing them a favour by sending my (measly) readership to their sites and getting their ads a few more views. What do I know? I haven't received a complaint yet so I guess I can keep on doing it for now.

Steven Wilson, somebody who gets plenty of free support from this site, has been continuing his recent pro-Progressive Rock talk. This time, he's interviewed by the Chicago Tribune (link, you're welcome!) and he holds nothing back. He makes plenty of bold statements about the younger generation's draw to vinyl LPs not only due to some nostalgic emotions, but because they get the value of the whole experience. In short: the same crazy stuff I tend to go off about on this here very site. People take Steven more seriously, however. (rightly so too!) He even goes as far as saying there is some sort of youthful rebellion against download culture. I wouldn't even go that far! It's a nice idea though. Go ahead, click below and read for yourself.

Turn It Up: Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson: Prog-rock is antidote to 'frivolous' iPod era:
"Porcupine Tree’s steadily growing fan base argues that Wilson isn’t the only one who thinks so."

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