Thursday, April 01, 2010

Found Link: Porcupine Tree's Drawing The Line selected as NPR's Song of the Day on Tuesday

That's it! They've sold out! Or have they? Whatever the reason for NPR selecting Porcupine Tree as song of the day, I guess it certainly is a sign of the times.

If you don't know, NPR is America's National Public Radio. While they do claim to take pride in selecting music that's outside of the mainstream, from what I can tell the typical 'Song of the Day' is a generic affair. While selecting this song as a 'song' is probably not entirely accurate considering that it is but 1/14 of the epic song "The Incident", this certainly has to be good promo for a band that has been receiving plenty as of late.

The German rock magazine "Eclipsed" has named The Incident as album of the year. Porcupine Tree also topped the reader picked best band, album and live event categories. The general acceptance of ambitious rock music has certainly exploded in the last five years. It's truly a remarkable comeback for a form of music that was long considered dead.

Porcupine Tree: The Virtual And The Visceral : NPR:
"The arrangement of 'Drawing the Line' veers between gentle keyboards — tinkling like a clinically depressed music box — and Wilson's crisp, soaring guitar solos, supported by sympathetic, nuanced drumming."

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