Monday, April 12, 2010

Rumour: Godspeed You! Black Emperor making a comeback and hitting the road?

I don't know why there isn't much Post-Rock on this site. It's a sub-genre that I could never really get manically obsessed about. However, I enjoy quite a bit of it. The Toronto based Do Make Say Think probably being the band I enjoy the most. Godspeed You! Black Emperor has probably garnered the most global attention out of all the Canadian Post-Rock bands. They have been dormant for the past few years although rumours stating their breakup have been confirmed as false.

Now, a somewhat cryptic press release has emerged stating that they are active once more has emerged. They are going to be showing up in Europe and "9 American towns" later this year. The Montreal band has never really been a talkative one, so the fact that this press release suggests that they won't be doing any interviews leading up to these live performances is hardly surprising. There also appears to be no suggestion of any new studio-material in the works. Still, this must be good news for fans of the band.

Press Release?
Wikipedia article with all the latest info

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