Monday, April 12, 2010

News: More greasy info on Greasy Love Songs - Zappa fans rejoice

It's not easy being a Zappa fan in the year 2010. Back when the guy was alive and kicking, you barely had to wait a few months before new and exciting material was released. To call Zappa prolific is like saying he had facial hair. Now that wife Gail and son Dwezzil hold the keys to the Zappa vault, we're lucky to see a new release on an anual basis. Sadly, despite the sheer amount of unreleased material gathering dust, the Zappa Family Trust keep extending the time between releases.

When we announced that the orignal vinyl stereo mix of Cruising With Ruben & the Jets was finally making its way into the digital realm, the overwhelming response from fans was "what took so long?" We now have more details on what juicy bonuses will be included on the CD. We also have a release date. May 1st. Wow, that's only half a year since the last Zappa vault release. Perhaps things are picking up in Zappa land. Perhaps not. Either way, click below for all the "teen-age legend(ary)" information.

EDIT!!!!: Vanity Fair has been given an exclusive preview of this release. While they claim that this is the original vinyl mix, it does sound to me like its actually a mono mix. Does anyone have a mono version of this album on vinyl that can figure it out? You can listen to it here: Frank Zappa's Jelly Roll Gum Drop
Also they have the meaning of the song all wrong. It's really know...a woman's chest. Er...Yeah.

Frank Zappa: Greasy Love Songs Out 5/1 on JamBase:
"Among additional tracks included are alternate mono mixes, an unreleased cover of 'Valerie' which enjoyed heavy rotation in the Mothers' concerts circa 1967 and a version of 'Love of My Life' from Studio Z, bringing this CD from 40 minutes in the vinyl release to well over an hour of 'the stuff of teen-age legend,' according to Gail Zappa's text."

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