Saturday, April 10, 2010

News: Roger Dean is preparing lawsuit for James Cameron's Avatar

We finally have some form of confirmation that Roger Dean is actually going to be taking legal action against James Cameron.

I'm sure that anyone who reads this blog and has seen any of the images from Avatar know that many of the film's iconic scenic look was heavily inspired by Dean's famous cover art paintings from the 1970s. In fact, I know I was looking during the credits to see if Roger Dean was involved with the production design. He was not.

After months of speculation, Mr. Dean has somewhat candidly revealed that he is working on a lawsuit. The link below is to an excellent Korean interview from Dean's retrospective in Seoul's Daelim Contemporary Art Museum.

Flying high on the cover art of Roger Dean - INSIDE JoongAng Daily:
"Dean did not participate in making the film, and is said to be preparing a lawsuit against Avatar’s creators for taking his images without consulting him, including the floating islands that closely resemble the film’s Hallelujah Mountain."

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