Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News: Rush heading to the Canadian songwriters hall of fame

Rush is finally getting their dues as excellent songsmiths up here in the Great White North. You know, while I applaud the songwriters' hall choice, there seems to be a stigma about considering Progressive artists for these sort of accolades. It really is a great crime to always generalize Progressive Rock as nothing but a platform for showoff type musicianship. Just because Prog bands choose to break the traditional mold and structure of the typical pop song doesn't mean they aren't writing songs.

While you can't argue with the list of songs below, I would have loved for them to include at least one of Rush's early epic suits. How about 2112? Or maybe even the title track from Hemispheres? In my mind those are the real example of creative and original songwriting. But then again, I'm a crazy dude. Tom Sawyer's a great piece of work which you can't argue about regardless of what you think of as 'ideal' songwriting. So kudos Geddy, Alex and Neal. Congrats and enjoy the Limelight.

The Canadian Press: Rush, Robert Charlebois to be among inductees to songwriters hall of fame
Rush hits making the list are "Tom Sawyer," "Limelight," "The Spirit of Radio," "Subdivisions" and "Closer to the Heart."

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