Friday, January 22, 2010

Found Link: Peter Banks interview with Gibson

Here's an interesting interview that Peter Banks did with Gibson (the guitar company) on a whole range of topics which include the founding of Flash, leaving Yes and obviously his use of the Gibson ES-335. Interesting stuff for anyone interested in this most underrated Prog Rock legend.

Prog-Rock Legend Peter Banks Talks About Yes, Flash And ES-335s
When you formed Flash, did you have in mind doing something stylistically that was radically different from Yes?

Looking back it would be very easy to say I had a grand plan, but I really didn’t. What I really had was a list of things I wanted to avoid. Even though I was just 22 or 23 when Flash got together, I had been a professional musician since the age of 17. I wanted to put together a true band. I had never had a band of my own before, but I didn’t want Flash to be my band. I wanted it to be a cooperative thing. And that’s basically how it was. I wanted to do something that was very involved, and original, and musical, and entertaining. I wanted to do things that a three-piece band ― with a guitar, bass, drums and a singer ― had never done before. We tried using a keyboard player, but that didn’t really work.

PETER BANKS The White House Vale

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