Monday, January 25, 2010

Found Link: Learn the art of recording from Prog legend Alan Parsons?! Wow!

Look at what I stumbled upon whilst I was taking my daily stroll across the interwebs. Apparently, Mr. Alan Parsons (you know, Alan Parsons Project, sound engineer for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon etc...) has a series of video available where he walks you through all the ins and outs of the art of recording. Along the way he talks to a plethora other legendary producers and picks up all sorts of tips and tricks from the greats. The target audience is anybody who is interested in recording their own music at home using their own computer equipment. As the trailer for the DVD suggests, anyone with a laptop and an idea can be a music producer. If you are interested is such things you may want to check it out.

Santa Cruz company recruits sound engineering legend for new on-line/DVD series on the mysteries of recording music - Santa Cruz Sentinel
Who better, then, to learn the art of recording from than Alan Parsons?

Thanks to a Santa Cruz company, Parsons's brilliance is now an open book for anyone with a broadband connection. "The Art and Science of Sound Recording," produced by Keyfax NewMedia from their offices on the Eastside of Santa Cruz, might be called the "Alan Parsons Project," if Parsons himself hadn't used that name for his enormously successful 1970s and '80s recording act.

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