Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Found Link: Avatar, proof James Cameron loves Yes?

I haven't seen this movie. Whenever something is this popular I tend to be very disappointed. I'm waiting until this thing comes out on Blu Ray before I even consider renting it. This hasn't stopped me from seeing endless promotional clips for the film and there is only one thing that kept popping into my mind: I hope Roger Dean is getting some sort of royalties here. I mean, James Cameron has pretty much ripped off Prog's cover artist-of-choice here hasn't he? How many of you saw the film and kept thinking in the back of your heads "Gee this kind of looks like the cover for Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe?"

Did Prog Rock's Greatest Artist Inspire Avatar? All Signs Point To Yes
James Cameron spent years creating Avatar's floating islands and crazy dragons, and then an army of concept artists brought them to life. But maybe they had some inspiration from somewhere else? Like classic album-cover artist Roger Dean? Behold the evidence.

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