Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Found Link: Review of the new No-Man DVD

This is a DVD that I have been pinning to get my hands on since its come out. I, sadly, currently lack the financial means to acquire it. As many of you already know, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Steven Wilson's ability to produce some excellent sounding music. His No-Man project, which actually pre-dates Porcupine Tree, has always been an interesting blend of the Progressive and the Ambient. Their last two albums, Schoolyard Ghosts and Together We're Stranger, were sonic marvels. Based on this review that I stumbled upon, this DVD seems to be a culmination of the music from those albums with a continuation of the sonic perfection that has been Wilson's trademark for quite some time now. Please, by all means, pick this one up if you are fan of Wilson's work and the mellow moodiness of No-Man.

Altsounds.com Reviews | No-Man - Returning/Mixtaped [DVD]
The sound mix on this DVD is brilliant and makes clear the atmospheric sound from the sound of the rain coming into the right speaker on the headphones while guitar is played in the left at the end of the first track. The clarity of Tim Bowness’ vocals, the distortion of Steven’s guitar on ‘Lighthouse’. It's just crystal clear (and the reason I now understand why Steven has worked on remastering King Crimson’s work into 5:1).

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