Monday, January 18, 2010

News: Anthony Phillips Re-Issues

Great news for fans of Genesis' original guitarist. If you are at all interested in ambient and really beautiful acoustic guitar and piano music, I really do recommend the albums in Ant's Private Parts and Pieces series. We should be seeing the first two albums of this series remastered on CD some time in early February. Here's more info:

Voiceprint Records are set to re-issue more of Ant's back catalogue albums during the course of 2010, with the first release being the first two albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series (Private Parts & Pieces and Back To The Pavilion) which are scheduled for release as a double CD set on 15th February. Both of the albums have been re-mastered for this release and Private Parts & Pieces also features a previously unreleased extra track in the form of a 1976 recording of Movement IV from Guitar Quintet. More information on this release can seen on a new page here.

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