Wednesday, November 18, 2009

News: They're baaaack. ELP reunite once again.

According to their official website:
ELP agrees to headline the new High Voltage Festival, the UK's new flagship classic rock event, on Sunday July 25, 2010. It is expected that fans from Europe, USA, Japan and around the globe will fly into London to see this much anticipated and unique event.
Emerson, Lake and Palmer

How excited you are by this news depends on your opinion of the band itself, of course. The band most easily cited as an example of the excess of Progressive bands in the mid to late seventies, you either love them or hate them. (or love their early material and can't stand their later material, Pirates etc..) As somebody who has often criticized older artists of cashing in on past successes, (cough, Roger Waters) I'm not entirely sure how enthusiastic I can be with a band that hasn't recorded anything worthwhile in well over 30 years. Plus Greg Lake is HUGE these

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