Sunday, November 29, 2009

News: Magic Pie new album slated for early 2010

If you haven't heard of Magic Pie, they are a band that took me by surprise in 2005 with their debut album Motions of Desire. I was impressed with their ability to combine crunchy hard rock riffs and soaring organ work. Well, their second album disappointed me a bit, sounding a bit too "modern prog by the numbers" if ya know what I mean. I am looking forward to what they are working on right now. If this embeded video is any indication, it should be a rockin' proggin' good time. What do you think?

Magic Pie Official Website
CD release early 2010
Magic Pie continues the work on the new album and we're going for a release early 2010. Eirikur has fit perfectly with the rest of the guys and has also contributed with lyrics to the songs. Stay tuned for more..

Magic Pie - Studio Sessions:Episode 1

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