Thursday, November 12, 2009

Found Review: A Prog fan's dream come true

As you may know, Transatlantic, the 'modern Prog' super-group is back after an extended hiatus that was initiated when Neal Morse decided that he needed to do God's work and put out some really great instrumentally interesting albums with preachy religious lyrics. Well, he finally decided that Jesus had enough for now and Transatlantic is back. I'm working on a review of their new album "The Whirlwind" but unlike most reviews I've read, I'm planning on panning the work. I'm sharing this review with you now just so you can get the feel of what most reviews for this sprawling epic have been thus far. I've actually yet to find a negative review for the album so mine may be a first. Stay tuned...

CD REVIEW: A prog fan’s dream come true | The Weekender, Northeast PA
After 77 minutes, it would be hard not to appreciate the virtuosity and skill evidenced here. It’s precise and symphonic but at no point does “The Whirlwind” sound like 12 separate songs glued together for the hell of it. The transitions make sense, and the whole thing builds up to the crashing climax of “Dance With Eternal Glory,” a song that allows some of Morse’s Christian rock lyrics to creep in.

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