Saturday, December 12, 2009

News: Jethro Tull Unplugged in the Czech Republic

It now seems pretty evident that Jethro Tull's last studio album is going to be A Christmas Album. While this hardly does justice to the band's legacy, most specifically to the classic Progressive epics of the 1970s, it's a nice cheery and professional way to go out. Despite the lack of new material, Ian Anderson continues to tour the world bringing holiday cheer. In this found article, next week's concert in Prague is previewed as well as Ian hints that Tull might put the electric instruments to rest once an for all. I suppose this is only natural, the old minstrel has  really mellowed in his advanced age. Happy Holidays!

The Prague Post - Night & Day - Stage - Acoustic cheer for the holidays
"We had been on the road since September, doing acoustic tours in the UK and the U.S., when I said to the guys a few weeks ago, 'I guess you will probably want to play your electric instruments again for the shows in December?' They said, 'We actually would really like to carry on playing acoustic.' "

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