Tuesday, December 08, 2009

News: 3/5 Yes Return to US for winter tour

If you live on the eastern side of the United States, you may be fascinated to learn that Howe, Squire and White are back for another leg of their most recent adventure. They have long since told Jon Anderson that he's no longer needed as they are using Canadian Benoit David to fill his role as lead singer. Rick Wakeman's son, Oliver, has taken over for his dad who is in no shape to go on these long tours anymore. Originally David was just supposed to be a temporary fill-in for Anderson who was ill at the time, but Jon has since recovered and is touring as a solo act. I guess Squire prefers this line up and doesn't feel like dragging around Anderson and his hippie wife...or something. I have no idea why Jon isn't being invited back into the fold. Anyone have any insight into this? Oh, and why is Steve never looking at the camera during these group shots?

Yes returns to the US for winter headlining trek >> Tour dates at LiveDaily
In October, Squire told an interviewer on the UK's Planet Rock radio station that "this is now Yes," and confirmed that both David and the younger Wakeman are now full-time members of the band. Anderson, meanwhile, has since recovered from his illness and is concentrating on a solo career.

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