Wednesday, December 02, 2009

LA Philharmonic Plays Zappa

Speaking of Frank Zappa, there seems to be a recent trend for many an orchestra to be playing his compositions lately. You have to understand this though; the guy fought for most of his life to have his 'serious' music to be played by a 'real' orchestra. In his autobiography he talked about how symphony orchestras only play music by dead composers because of a myriad of reason not excluding they didn't have to worry about paying royalties. Well, call it a self fulfilling prophecy. Now, almost 17 years since his death, you can go just about anywhere in the world and hear dead-man Zappa's 'serious' music being by just about anybody. Heck, even the LA Philharmonic put on a performance of pieces from Yellow Shark last night. Seems to be the way, the good composers are never fully appreciated until they croak. Poor Frank.

LA Philharmonic Plays Zappa on JamBase

EDIT: I found a review of last night's concert. Sounds like lots of fun. Read all about it.

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