Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gentle Giant Go Digital

Everyone's favorite quirky Prog band with a creepy mascot are joining the 21st Century! EMI has released information on finally moving some of their catalog into the digital realm. Expect to see some (not all) of Gentle Giant's albums appear on various online music stores soon. (iTunes, Amazon etc..) According to the press release "In a Glass House, The Power & The Glory, Freehand, Interview, Playing The Fool-The Official Live, The Missing Piece and Giant For a Day will become available through all digital channels."

While those of us who have already purchased these albums on various formats over the years, the addition of new bonus tracks may make these worth getting. Although, if you can pick and choose which tracks to by as you can on services like iTunes, then maybe it would be better to just pick up the new bonus material.

Also, new CD remasters are expected to be released next year, this time "Re-Mastered from the original 1" inch tapes through Hi-Resolution (24bit 96k) transfer." While the audio geek in me like this idea, I'd be way more excited if they were to remix them into 5.1 Surround Sound and release high resolution DVD-Audio discs much in the same way King Crimson are currently doing. That would make these a must buy. Otherwise, I'm not quite sure who are going to pick these up.

The whole press release can be found on Gentle Giant's website.

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