Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays

On behalf of everyone here at the Prog Rock Blog (pretty much just C0ops and myself) I'd like to wish our readers from all around the world a happy holidays.

Progressive Rock music is truly such a global phenomena. It's really one of the very few things that can actually break down global barriers and bring people together from different cultural backgrounds to really agree on a common truth: we listen to the best music in the world. And it really is in so many ways.

It's global in every sense. The bands who create this music come from all over the globe. For us listeners and fans it doesn't really matter where they come from. We can open up our ears and hear sounds that introduce us to all other cultures and religions. A quick glance at the list of artists on and one can see that there is not a corner of this planet that our wonderful genre doesn't include. And while the European acts tend to get the bulk of the spotlight it's not hard for any of us to listen to music from Asia or South America and get equal joy out of it.

There are few genres that advocate peace and harmony like Progressive Rock does, and I think we should all be proud of this genre that has brought us together from all over the world. I invite you all to take time over the next week and listen to an album you've never heard before. If you can make it something that is from another part of the world then your own. I'm sure you'll find that there's plenty to discover.

Once again, have an excellent last week of the year and we shall return in 2007.

Don't forget,
Keep the Prog alive!

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