Thursday, July 22, 2010

Link: British Media Ponders the Return of Prog

Let's just consider this my "The Blog's not dead yet" post for this week.

The High Voltage festival is getting underway in the UK, and the prominently featured "Prog Stage" is garnering some media attention. The headline on this Sky News article reads "Ridiculed Prog Rock Wins Over New Generation".

While it's true that Progressive music continues to reach those who are keen on finding music that's unique (or even not completely unoriginal and generic), I think that for the most part it continues to stay out of the mainstream. I've posted on how the internet has allowed the adventurous music fan to discover music that isn't heavily promoted by the record labels. I doubt there is any sort of new mainstream Prog Rock revival happening. If there is, it'll be short lived.

The biggest problem with this article is that it doesn't mention bands like Porcupine Tree who are enjoying huge success while living comfortably out of the limelight. While not appearing at High Voltage, a little research on behalf of Steve Hargrave could have made it look like he knows what he's talking about. Seriously, how much can we expect from Sky News' showbiz correspondent? Overall a fluffy piece of poorly researched journalism, but a funny read for all of us who know a thing or two about Progressive music. (hint: for those who cared, it never went anywhere)

Read all about it: Sky News - Prog Rock Makes Comeback


Ade said...

There's also a full page on prog in The Guardian today.

castorandpollux said...

Prog is out there alive and well, it's just taken different forms. A lot of what I would consider "Math Rock" is just really jagged prog: Battles, Minus the Bear, etc. I'm also surprised the article didn't mention the likes of the Mars Volta, Tool, or other groups that still enjoy a fair amount of popularity, though perhaps no longer in their heyday.

I also represent a Chicago based FEMALE fronted prog band called Castor and Pollux. And we're all pretty clean looking, nice people. Have a listen to us here: