Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Link: Variety Magazine on Frank Zappa's growing Classical legacy

Strange things you find in the pages of Variety these days. The fact that this article goes as far to compare Zappa to some of the great classical composers of all time just goes to show how far Zappa's star has risen in the years since his death. The Ensemble Modern (of Yellow Shark fame) are continuing to play Zappa music and big name orchestras like the LA Philharmonic are dipping their toes into the atonal waters of Frank's ouvre as well.

But what do you think? As Zappa becomes more respected in the world of Classical music, he seems to be largely considered a weird fringe artists amongst most Rock aficionados. Everybody knows who Zappa is, but they can rarely name a song of his outside of Bobby Brown Goes Down. What's the deal? Was Zappa so far ahead of his time that we're still too early to see him fully appreciated? While fans of Progressive music tend to give the guy more credit, the general population just can't seem to grasp his musical genius.

You can read Variety's article by clicking the link below.

Zappa's music crosses genres, world - Entertainment News, Headline Newsletter Music News, Media - Variety: "Yet now, as has happened so often with composers whose value was not fully recognized until after their deaths -- Bach, Schubert, Mahler, Bartok, even Leonard Bernstein, as famous as he was -- Zappa's so-called classical compositions are becoming accepted into the repertoire."

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