Monday, May 10, 2010

Steven Wilson talks about his new solo album

Obvious statement: Steven Wilson is prolific. This is pretty clear.

I know the posts have slowed down again. This happens. You know. Stuff. (Is there a more compelling excuse than "stuff"? I think not.) Etc... I can't make any promises exactly when I'll go back to writing long album reviews again, but I'd like to at some point. For now, I'll keep sharing links I find with you.

Porcupine Tree was in Toronto saturday night. It was an excellent show, as expected. Before the show he sat down with the folks at for a pretty revealing interview. The bulk of what I found so interesting was that he began to divulge some details as to the contents of his next solo album.

As you probably know, Mr. Wilson has been quite busy over the last year or so working on the new King Crimson remixes. Spending all that time going through miles and miles of legendary recording sessions has clearly rubbed off on him. Apparently he intends on going "old-school". His next album is shaping up to be a vintage Progressive Rock album. Lots of mellotron, bassoons, flutes and saxes. Even a twenty minute epic! Click below to read the interview yourself. (Be warned of the giant Iron Maiden ad near the top of the page. It's appropriately gruesome.) > News > PORPCUPINE TREE's Steven Wilson - "We Keep Fighting To Try To Infiltrate The Mainstream Any Way We Can":
"And so I’m making this new solo record, and I’ve done a couple of sessions now. I’ve just got into a studio with a great band and just cut back tracks. And it’s kind of old school. There’s loads of mellotron on it, it’s got more of a jazz... it’s very progressive, I think it’s only going to be, possibly, I’m thinking of keeping it to the length of a 42 minute album, classic ‘70s; there’s a 21 minute track on it, very progressive, and a lot of fun.”"

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Jen Bear said...

Sad news about not knowing when your next album review will be. Hopefully you can get to another one soon! Great Steve Wilson interview. His next album sounds pretty amazing.