Monday, July 14, 2008

This week's ProgCasts will be out a day late

I would like to thank everyone who sent us emails about our shows last week. We've been wanting to start this thing up again for quite some time now. We've finally been able to work out a schedule that will allow us to produce new episodes of the ProgCast until at least the middle of August. We will be recording two episodes every Sunday night and we will release them on Tuesday and Thursday each week.

I just wanted to give everyone the heads up that Mr. Coop was feeling a bit under the weather last night so we will be pushing back the publication days this week. Expect to see new episodes Wednesday and Friday this week only. Next week we should be back to our regular schedule.

We're always looking for discussion topics so if you have anything you'd like to hear us debate on the show send us an email or reply here in the blog. If you have an opinion that strongly differs to the ones we have, make yourself heard! Send us an email with what you think!

Until Wednesday,
Keep the Prog Alive.

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