Friday, October 27, 2006

Sickness strikes again!

Well I hate to say this but it seems as though the germs have won once again. Yes indeed, I have been hit heavy with the coughing sneezing sore-everything bug and I can't seem to shake it. What this means is that I couldn't record a show this week with Mr. C0ops. Don't worry friends, all hope is not lost. I may find a guest host to fill in for this week and at least get all the news out of the way while I rest up for next week. Keep an eye open this Saturday night for what should be something that seems to be episode 4.

While you're at it mark Tuesday, Noverber 7th in your calendars as Genesis release a post-Halloween suprise and let all the details about their upcoming tour out of the bag. The Prog Rock Blog ProgCast will be your number one source as we will dig the details and bring it to you in a special edition all-Genesis ProgCast the following day. Keep your MP3 player locked on your favorite source for ProgNews the Prog Rock Blog ProgCast.

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