Monday, August 14, 2006

New Name: The Prog Rock Blog

So as you know we've taken a bit of a break from posting reviews. Why you ask? Well the truth is we decided that we need to take this blog in a new direction. First thing we're doing is changing the name of the site from "Prog Rock Reviews" to "The Prog Rock Blog". The URL stays the same. However, if you were subscribed to the RSS feed using the address you should go and change your RSS reader to point to from now on.

The change of name signals a slight change of direction. We will start writing album reviews again in September, that's not changing. But we're adding plenty of new features to the site. We'll try to become a prime source of Prog Rock related news. In addition we will be testing out the possibility of Podcasting. The Prog Rock Blog Podcast (PRBP, i guess) will be a weekly roundup of the latest in Prog Rock. We'll review albums, recommend artists and keep you posted on what going on with your favorite bands. It'll be a bit of an experiment at first but we hope that with your feedback we can make it one of your favorite podcasts to listen to each week.

So let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions then submit them to the comment section. We should have an email address ready to go by the time we relaunch in the fall. Until then I'll continue to post videos daily.

Keep on Proggin'

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