Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Preamble for our Constitution of Progressive Rock

If you are here, chances are you’re a fan of the often neglected genre of music known as Progressive Rock. To those of you who don’t enjoy Prog Rock, you may tend to think of any music that falls into this category as overblown, overcomplicated and totally inaccessible. Those of us who love the genre, know that the genre is home to some of the most emotional, creative and exciting music ever created.

The lack of commercial popularity that has been associated with Prog Rock since the early 1970s has pushed the bands and fans of the genre underground. Much to the disappointment of Prog’s many critics the Progressive Rock movement is still as alive as ever. The past five years alone have seen a gigantic surge in bands who are willing to wear the seemingly unmarketable tag of Prog Rock to be able to create music that is pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable, while at the same time creating music that is simply unforgettable. In fact, the recent popularity of bands such as Tool and The Mars Volta, may be a sign of the general public wanting a change in what the corporate industry of modern Rock Radio has been producing as of late and have had enough with the status quo.

As the production rate of Progressive Rock climbs, so does the catalogue of music a fan must sort through in order to discover new music. This is where we come in. There are already many sites dedicated to providing large catalogues and deep introductions to the genre. If you are looking for that service we suggest you visit the links provided on this site.

The best way to think about this site is as a sort of Prog Rock Blog. What we plan on offering here is a sort of music recommendation service. We are not planning on writing reviews of the standard ‘classics’ of the genre such as Close to the Edge, or Selling England by the Pound. Instead we are going to dig deep into the genre and pull out the forgotten gems, both old and new (contemporary). We plan to analyse (or perhaps dissect) the albums and tell you why we believe that particular piece is right for you. In addition to reviews, we’ll also be writing short essays on various topics concerning Prog Rock. We hope this will help you better understand us and our music tastes so you can figure out where you stand in relation.

We don’t plan on doing reviews on request, and reviewing your favourite album would be ignoring the point of this site. The idea is to get you into new music. As a fan, you already know that Progressive Rock is a vast and diverse genre, spanning countless subgenres and styles. Naturally, this means that not everything reviewed here will exactly fit your taste. We will try to link reviewed albums to ones that you already know and enjoy. For example, this way if you happen to be a big King Crimson fan we’ll tell you that the album we’re reviewing may sound similar in tone to “In The Court of the Crimson King” (opposed to Beat?)

We welcome you to send in your comments to any post on this site. However, we must screen each comment before hand. Blogs on blogspot tend to get spammed, so we hope to curve such activity here.

We hope that you can use this service to help broaden your music collection and your music mind.
Keep the Prog alive!

Paul Di Meglio & David Cooper

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